All Features - One Screen

Innovative DJ App. Exclusively for iPad.


I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  I  N  G



F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S



All Features - One Screen

All the features at your fingertips: 8 FX, 7 Loops, 6 CUE Points, 2 Waveforms, EQ, KEY, BPM. No extra movements are needed to control the app’s multiple features. All of them are presented on a single screen, and you manage them without switching between multiple screens. 

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2 Waveforms

Two major waveforms are available simultaneously. You control both the whole song and its particular fragment - for setting Hot Points and detailed view while scratching.


Smart Music Library

You create mixes, using a variety of convenient features: Track Preview, Recommended Track, Previously Played Track, Queue, Create New Playlist, Edit Playlist, Search.

smart muisc library.png
Innovative Large Display.png

Innovative Large Display

All you need to easily monitor mixing songs: song title, time forward, reverse time, key, original BPM, changed BPM, changes in the percentage of the original BPM.


Help & Settings

ODJO organized a perfect Help and Settings for you.

recommended track.PNG

Play & Stop

ODJO - first DJ App without the classic button PLAY. 


Tech Specs


• Unique UI
• iTunes music library integration
• Automix
• Innovative Large Display
• Audio FX: Flanger, Gate, Delay, HP Filter, LP Filter
• Instant FX: Absorb, Crush, Sway
• Mixer, BPM, Key, and EQ controls
• Looping & Cue Points
• 2 Waveforms for each Deck (Navigate, Zoom In/Out, Hot Cue Setting)
• One-Touch Recording
• Smart Music Library (Track Preview, Recommended Track, Previosly Played Track, Queue, Create New Playlist, Edit Playlist, Search) 
• Pre-Cueing with Headphones (Left channel - Master output, Right channel - Track Preview in Playlist only) 
• Advanced Time-Stretching (Key Lock) 
• Key Detection and Matching
• Automatic Beat Detection
• Auto-Cut Scratch
• Auto-Gain
• Colored Skins
• iCloud integration to sync metadata
• Support for all major audio formats including Stems (no support for DRM protected songs)


I  N  S  P  I  R  E  D



R  E  V  I  E  W S


— Austinwilkie15
Awesome! This is the best DJ app ever!
— Jordan
Most exciting app I ever used. 5 stars only!!!
— S.Animal
Totally fresh and awesome! Works great, easy to use, no glitches!
— DJMarusia
Love this app! Created with deep understanding of the art of DJing and very user-friendly.
— KatiePU
WOW. Was hier geboten wird ist zwar simpel aber höchst effizient. Da müssen sich einige kommerzielle DJ Apps echt warm anziehen.
— CURiOS-MusicMag
Like no other! I’ve been around DJs for good 15 years: when clubs were about dancing and you would come to listen to real house music that won’t pop on the radio. Before EDM nonsense have existed. I’m not a DJ, but did learn my skills and love to playa set every now and then for my friends at home parties or BBQ etc. and this beast comes I so handy! It has everything you need and it’s truly useful and competence! Not like all those “DJ” games you can find. It’s not a player, like other apps, it has all necessary function of a mixer! BPM, loops, fades, equalizer, delay - you name it. And it is so convenient that you can use multitouch and do everything simultaneously! And the best part - you can out the sound through AirPlay. Works great on songs, jam box or my floor standing speakers through Apple TV.
— unfaceit