WOW. Was hier geboten wird ist zwar simpel aber höchst effizient. Da müssen sich einige kommerzielle DJ Apps echt warm anziehen.
— CURiOS-MusicMag
Awesome! This is the best DJ app ever :)
— Jordan
Most exciting app i ever used. 5 stars only!!!!
— S.Animal
Something new to download about. In minimal design the ODJO dj studio-ware offers great functionality combined with usability and attention to regular home djing or business party-making needs. It’s stable and filled with functions in spite of the fact that it’s just 1.0 version. So I believe this project “in the black” since beginning.
— RUS097
Love this app! Created with deep understanding of the art of DJing and very user-friendly.
— KatiePU
Totally fresh and awesome! Works great, easy to use, no glitches!
— DJMarusia
— Nacho Sánchez Pardo, inqbarna (Splyce, deej)
It’s Awesome!
— Mike Lazarenko
Nice one!
— DJanielleVZLA
Yesterday we had a party and this app brought a lot of fun!!! I felt like a pro Dj! Flanger and chorus FX are awesome! Also liked rhythm detection function) You can do awesome mixes with it!
— PablittoZurab
Like no other! I’ve been around DJs for good 15 years: when clubs were about dancing and you would come to listen to real house music that won’t pop on the radio. Before EDM nonsense have existed. I’m not a DJ, but did learn my skills and love to playa set every now and then for my friends at home parties or BBQ etc. and this beast comes I so handy! It has everything you need and it’s truly useful and competence! Not like all those “DJ” games you can find. It’s not a player, like other apps, it has all necessary function of a mixer! BPM, loops, fades, equalizer, delay - you name it. And it is so convenient that you can use multitouch and do everything simultaneously! And the best part - you can out the sound through AirPlay. Works great on songs, jam box or my floor standing speakers through Apple TV.
— unfaceit
Looks Dope!
— Nabeel Ahmed
Looks Awesome!
— Austinwilkie15